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"Great Music   -   Great Friends   -   Great Fun"

Jandro is excited to share some of his original music compositions.  The uniqueness of these songs is that all music composition, instrumentation, vocals and harmonies, lyrics, production and recording were all performed by Jandro. This was a very time intensive project for each song and Jandro hopes that you will appreciate all creativity that is presented in each song.  Jandro's contribution is far from done, as there  are many other projects in work.  Enjoy and stay tuned for more originals.  Thank you for listening. 

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Walk away MP3
Alex Calsadillo
Never let me go MP3
Alex Calsadillo
Corazon MP3
Alex Calsadillo
I will always be there MP3
Alex Calsadillo (Alex Calsadillo)
Forever and a day MP3
Alex Calsadillo (Alex Calsadillo)
I can't live this way MP3
Alex Calsadillo (Alex Calsadillo)